Hi! Welcome to my world.

About Me

I have accomplished many things in my life that most people would find pretty impressive.

Purpose of this blog

Why did I just tell you all of this? My husband would argue I do not brag enough, so this was me attempting to brag. The reality is, I write all of this to contrast all of the ways my life is crap (the constant loops that run through my mind instead of what makes me proud):

Since I was in college, I have always been "trying to be better." That, in fact, was the name of a blog I started then. But the title never felt descriptive enough of what I was actually trying to do. I wanted to be a badass.

As life moved on, my desire to push myself to constantly and consistently improve slowly waned. I lost a lot of the vigor and enthusiasm I had. Life got to me.

I don’t want to lose that enthusiasm for aiming higher. That’s why I decided I would go back to documenting my journey of becoming more of a badass. This is that journey.


Due to the nature of the career trajectory I would like to pursue, I ask for you to respect my privacy. I suppose the details in this post would narrow down who I am by a lot. I am sure in the future, I will reveal more details that can identify me. However, I ask that you please maintain my privacy, which I understand is basically awash on the internet anyway.

I struggle with how public and private I want to maintain this blog, but I do not want that struggle to stop me from starting. I hope one day, I will feel more comfortable to share the obvious details.

Topics I will likely cover in this blog

I believe that there are three ultimate (quasi-finite) resources in the world:

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